Q: How much does the shipping cost?

R: The shipping cost is base on the item's weight and destination. 

Add to cart  >  Enter your destination to get a shipping estimate.

Q: Do I need to pay customs tax?

R: As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times additional charges imposed by the receiving country. While we take all reasonable steps to comply with general world shipping standards, TOPVOP may not know the details of additional customs taxes or duties, or if any specific item was prohibited or confiscated by the receiving country. It is recommended that you investigate the relevant local laws in your country. We declare the package at a lower price to help you avoid importing customs tax.

Q:How soon will my order be shipped after the payment is received?
R: Your order will be processed, prepared, and sent out within 1-3 business days after payment is received. We will provide you with the tracking number once your order is sent out.

Q: When can I get the tracking number?

R: We understand your feeling about waiting for the package, we always try our best to provide prompt shipping to each order. Normally, we will ship orders 1-3 business days after you finished payment. The shipping company will return the tracking number to us in 2-3 days after collecting the package and deal with the package. So we will update the tracking number for you in 5 days. sometimes, the order status is processing, but in fact, the package is on the way, just a little delay on shipping status updating. Please wait for a few days patiently. You also can contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Why does my order’s processing time take so long?

R: When we receive a new order, our payment security team needs some time to review these transactions because of the large number of smartphone orders. After the review is completed, our logistics team can start processing the order and package it for delivery. So, our order processing time is about 1-3 days

Q: Why the tracking number updating is so slow?

R: Our warehouses are in China, Hong Kong, and Europe (only a few products), Our shipping process is much more complicated than your local online shopping, and it will take longer. When your package is delivered to the logistics company, the transportation has just begun. Your package departs from our company's warehouse to your hands and needs to go through China Customs, Hong Kong Customs, and destination customs. Each customs may inspect the package, and various customs procedures will delay the delivery of the package. During the period from the Chinese warehouse to the Hong Kong airport, the logistics take about 2-3 days. This is why your package cannot show that it has arrived at the website of express companies such as DHL. However, the package logistics information can be queried on the website we provide Arrived. Therefore, please rest assured that we will be responsible for the safe delivery of your package to your hands. Please wait patiently.

Q:How long does it take for my parcel to reach me?

R:The shipping process varies and can only be influenced by us or the buyer to a limited extent. In the best case between 3-7 days and in the worst case about 2-3 weeks. Usually these are the shipping and handling times.

  • 1-3 days for ordering and processing
  • 4-6 days for shipping with DHL Express
  • 10-15 days for shipping with Global Priority
  • 2-4 weeks for shipping with Mail Parcel (small parts)
  • 2-4 days for shipping from the EU (depending on location)
    Of course it can happen with DHL Express from China that the customs delays it a little bit. But so far DHL Express is usually within 7 days with you.

Q: Do you ship orders on weekends?

R: I’m sorry, our shipping team doesn’t work on weekends, your order place on weekend will be processed from Monday.

Q: Can you ship items to my country? How much does the shipping cost?

R: We can ship to most countries worldwide. The total shipping cost is base on the package weight and your destination, please add items to the cart, and then enter your destination to get a shipping cost estimate.

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