HONOR SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger 2(Max50 W)

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HONOR SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger 2(Max50 W)
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  • 50W wireless SuperCharge
  • Sensor on both sides
  • Supercapacitor battery
  • Intelligent compatibility

50 W wireless SuperCharge Smart opening and closing,convenient for picking and placing.

HONOR super-fast wireless car charger, the maximum power can reach 50 W. It supports dual-side induction, and the electric clamp arm intelligently opens and closes, allowing you to pick and place your phone with one hand.

Support wireless super-fast charging while using navigation

50W wireless super-fast charger with a large induction coil can charge your phone even with a case2. It is both a wireless car charger and a holder. You can charge your phone in a long journey while using navigation on the phone without worrying about the battery power.

It can be unlocked when the car has a stall.

When the car stalls, the dual-side sensor uses the built-in super capacitor of the wireless car charger to store electricity. In 30 minutes3, the clamp arm can still work and unlock the phone, which can be easily taken out conveniently.

Dual charging ports without 
great flexibility and convenience

The car charger provides two charging ports, one of which can be connected to the wireless car charger and vehicle data recorder, and the other one to the cigarette lighter.


3D air cooling system, efficient heat dissipation and low charging temperature

The 3D air-cooling system introduces the surrounding cold air and takes away the heat of the coil. At the same time, the holder and the mobile phone are cooled to ensure the charging efficiently and shorten the charging time. Newly-designed spiral fan, not only increases the air volume but also makes it quieter.

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