Huawei GaN Charge Max 66W Super Fast multi-port Charger

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Huawei GaN Charge Max 66W Super Fast multi-port Charger
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  • Huawei 66W SuperCharge GaN Multi-port Charger features elegant design.
  • Semiconductor material GaN (gallium nitride).
  • Two USB-A ports and a USB-C port, 66W Max Output.
  • Support various charging rates/protocols, SCP, FCP, PD3.0/PPS (only supported by USB-C orange port).

Huawei GaN super fast multi-port charger comes with a vertical design with a compact and slender body. This design occupies less area and does not create a low space issue between two consecutive plugs.

It is equipped with 3 charging ports including USB-A2, USB-C, and USB-A1 type. Among them, the USB-A1 (orange) supports a maximum charging of 66W while USB-A2 (Purple) offers 22.5W, and USB-C (orange) will give maximum output of 65W.

Moreover, the maximum total output power of the dual-port combination is 62.5W max. The USB-C only supports SCP, FCP, PD3.0, and PPS. It can charge the QC 2.0 mobile phones, tablets, laptops (charging ViaUSB-C port for charging), Bluetooth headsets, watch bracelets, and other devices to meet daily needs.

There are two USB Type-A ports and a USB Type-C port.

USB Type-A 1 (Orange): Protocol: HUAWEI SuperCharge
Charging Rates:
11V 6A (66W)
10V 4A (40W)
5V 3A (15W)
USB Type-A 2 (Purple):
Charging Rates:
10V 2.25A (22.5W)
5V 4A (20W)
5V 2A (10W)
USB Type-C (Orange):
USB PD (Power Delivery) 3.0
USB PPS (Programmable Power Supply)
SCP (HUAWEI SuperCharge)
FCP (HiSilicon Fast Charging)
Charging Rate
20V 3.25A (65W)

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Manufacturer HUAWEI
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