Huawei Smart Choice 360 Smart Sweeper 2Pro

The Huawei Smart Selection 360 Smart Floor Sweeper 2Pro released this time has three lidars that can recognize the environment in 3D and accurately avoid obstacles during the cleaning process.

Three lidars cooperate with each other to three-dimensionally recognize the environment, plan the cleaning route while walking, and can easily identify and avoid large obstacles such as slippers and body fat scales. For those that are easy to scan by mistake and cause the machine to get stuck or damage the environment Foreign objects, such as pet food containers, small toys, etc. can also be easily avoided. In addition, the obstacles are identified by the lateral radar, and the safety distance of 1.5cm is maintained for cleaning. There is no need to repeatedly judge, and the cleaning efficiency is higher.

Huawei Smart Select 360 Smart Sweeper 2Pro uses Nidec's new brushless motor, at a speed of about 27000 revolutions per minute, and can provide a maximum suction power of 3300Pa, which makes it easy to clean carpets, floor seams, etc. Places that are dusty and difficult to clean are more thoroughly clean. With greater suction power, noise reduction is more professional. Huawei Smart Selection 360 Smart Sweeper 2Pro has ten-layer noise reduction technology, which does not interfere when working quietly.

HUAWEI Smart Selection 360 Smart Sweeper 2Pro adopts a regular square design in the dust box design, side buttons, and the bottom open cover, which is more convenient to clean. At the same time, it is equipped with an additional dust box to achieve no cleaning and use with secondary dust bags. , 500ml capacity, normal use can guarantee weekly replacement, throw away when full, no need to clean up.

Voice control, remote control, and timing cleaning are all realized through the Huawei Smart Life App. After Huawei Smart Choice 360 ​​Smart Sweeper 2Pro is connected to the Huawei Smart Life App, the app can be operated to remotely control the sweeper. Not only can you view the cleaning trajectory in real time, you can also set up scheduled cleaning appointments, and return home with a new look.

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