MIJIA Humidifier 2

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MIJIA Humidifier 2
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  • A built-in ceramic core atomizing sheet that helps to block water particles.
  • 360 degree rotation makes the steam distribution more even.
  • MIJIA Humidifier 2 provides up to 99.9% silver ion antibacterial action.
  • Mijia humidifier 2 has a 4L container and can provide up to 30 hours of humidification.
  • Free Gift: EU / UK / AU Power Adapter

Mijia humidifier 2 has an atomizing sheet with an integrated ceramic core, which cooperates with the deflector to block large water particles. The ceramic core atomizes water into micron-sized water particles and atomizes it with a steam volume of 300ml per hour, constantly moisturizing the skin.silver ion antibacterial material is used inside the water tank to ensure water sanitation, and then release clean water vapor without any risk, for the sake Of the health.

xiaomi mijia humidifier 2


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